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Sunny Saturday!

April 23, 2011

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Happy Sammy  Hey Mom, what’s up?  Are we going outside??  It is NOT raining,  it is NOT snowing… It is SUNNY, YAY!

I want to go play immediately, I am sick of sitting in the house and watching it turn from dark to light to dark while I sit here… Whats up?  Whatever are we going to do today, no pressure or anything, but if you don’t start entertaining me RIGHT NOW with some outdoor fun I am going to talk your ear off… BARK!

My sister got some new pills that are helping her greatly, she has slowed down in the last couple of days from the pacing and the moving furniture.  She seems to get wired right after she takes them and paces for a little while, but she is now sleeping through the night and her appetite has improved.  Mom is very thankful for the special angel that helped her to make sure Shy is not left out.  My sister is doing a lot of this, but she looks so peaceful and she isn’t knocking stuff over, so that is okay with me!

I don’t know what we have planned for today, so I am packing all of my favorite things.  I am growling to be let out, I keep my back to mom so she can’t see what I’m up to, while  I wait by the sliding glass door.  My mom knows me pretty well so she is laughing as she plays along.  Swoosh, the door is open and I sprint out into the beautiful morning!!

Unbeknownst to my mommy, I have a mouth full of tennis balls, YAY!   I hear chuckling behind me as I get out into the lower pature.  UP into the air the balls go, and I race around picking up one after another and I toss them high!  I Love Spring!!  Weeeeeee! 

I hope you guys have as much fun as I am today, HAPPY sunny day to you all 🙂


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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

It may be a little hard to see but mom got excited and said I have  grey in my eye brows.  One thing checked off the ole’ bucket list 🙂  Mom says she is going to get lots of shots of this… sigh.  She is a wing nut!  I would much rather check the squirel off the list!


I have made my mom’s day.  REALLY.  Big time… I am telling you, it was great!  My mom had found a lump above my amputation site and was trying not to panic.  She thought if she didn’t say anything and didn’t put any negative energy into it she had a better chance of protecting me.  She was doing the only thing she knows how to do, love and protect me at all costs!

We had a play date with my friend Pam today anyway, so mom just made sure she remembered exactly where it was and wanted Pam to poke me there, kind of like when she used to pinch me.  I expect that kind of wierd stuff from her in her greetings, so I was prepared.  She did her “Pam” stuff, she got lots of “cells” she said, and so once she got what she needed Pam was off and running. 

My mom was a nut this morning, she kept me in all night and wouldn’t let me out for one last potty break before bed!  THEN, first thing, she told me to hold it while she grabbed a container and proceeded to follow me outside and stand super close to me while I was trying to decide where to use the restroom.  It was so odd… I finally couldn’t stand it any more and thats when mom went completely off the deep end and stuck her hand and the container under me!  I tried to hop off in the middle of things which just made it a big peeing mess, all over mom, some in the container, and not at all where I was trying to mark my spot… ugh, what a wierdo!  Then she packaged it all up and took it with us to see Pam.  A girl in the front of Pam’s place seemed to be happy to take the container… I don’t understand any of it.

Pam came back and said everything looked great, no worries at all!  Mom turned around and clapped her hands and looked at me like she wanted to hug me, but I was too busy laying on the floor talking with one of the other girls to give her much attention.  So mom asked to hug Pam, and Pam is so cool of course she said yes.  I made my mom’s day somehow… I am amazing that way 🙂  She said she wants to see me again in 3 months.

I am not sure if I heard this right but mom seems happy that I don’t have to see Pam for 3 months.  I am cleared for my metronomics and everything is good.  I am sad to think that I won’t be seeing Pam, but I am not sure how long 3 months is, so I am not going to worry about it right now.  Even my sister has good news, the fish oil seems to be helping with her dementia, so we are seeing improvements almost every day!  I don’t tell everyone this, but I love my sister.  She is older, almost mom-like with me, and I need her here.  She makes me feel safe.

So, all in all, it was a great way to spend my day! 


Sunny Saturday fun

March 6, 2011


Mom had said we were going to the beach today, to start marking stuff off of our “bucket list”.  It turns out the partial sun and the colder day made mom lazy.   We did end up playing ball, which was great!  I barrelled down our hill, and easily kept my sister from getting any shot at holding the ball.  Here is a picture of me being victorious 🙂

We enjoyed some snooze time, the first picture is me in my favorite snoozing pose.  The last picture is where mom got excited because she found the black and white option on her camera, do I look any different?  Aren’t I black and white anyway?  Mom loves it when my ears bend over like this, she says I look cute enough to squeeze and squish when I lay like this… I will have to figure out how to use that to my advantage for sure!

Next week is our lab-work stuff that needs to be done with Pam.  It will show us if the metronomic  stuff I am on is too hard on me, or if I am in for smooth sailing.  I will be able tell you more next week. 

All my best,


I was outside this snowy morning playing with my brother Titan and my sister Shy.  I started to wonder as I watched them do their thing, why doesn’t their legs come off?  Why doesn’t their butts blow up?  Is there something special about me?

I looked out past the fences to the other dogs in the neighborhood.  I have never compared myself to anyone before, it just never occurred to me.  But now that I see things that I see, why do I have to take so many more pills then my brother and sister?  Why does it take so much longer to get my dinner ready then anyone else’s?

It isn’t in my nature to judge anyone, we are all just dogs, we only smell a little differently from each other.  That being said, here is a picture of my brother and sister hanging out with me this morning.  Do you see what I see?

I see two dogs, (both adopted, not like me) both blondish red, both have all their legs, and neither one of their butts have exploded.  I think mom and I are going to have to have a talk.  Am I special?  My 6 month ampuversary is coming up, mom says, in just a couple of days.  Maybe, if I am special like I think maybe I am, something special will happen on that day… I don’t want anything else blowing up or falling off, hopefully something special in a good way. 

Maybe mom and I can check something off our bucket list!  A non flying slow bird perhaps?  I don’t know, what do you think?


Mom and I were sitting down thinking about all the things we have done in our lives.  We talked about memorable events, like when we went camping for a few days down at the dam where mom tried to teach me to swim, and things like when we trained in agility together.  We decided that we need to make a list not just of things we have done as a family, but things we want to do.

So some of the things we are talking about are more “her” idea, some are more mine.  In no paticular order the list is as follows:

Bath complete with shave and nails —- her idea

use nose in search and rescue  –mine

have a play date with non threatening best friend— both of ours

go to a deserted beach with the family and run and run– mine

spend a day sleeping in together then have breakfast in bed, breakfast delivered– both of ours

chase slow moving non flying birds— mine

eat everything I want and not worry about diet– both of ours

get the stupid squirrel in our yard– mine

sit around on a perfectly sunny afternoon and lay out on the grass together, just her and me, no big brother for the day– ours

see the ocean, smell all the fishy smells and roll in them– mine

finally get to be on the outside of the fence when the neighbors dogs come to harrass us, (and let my big brother be with me)–mine

have a bunch of friends over to talk about me and pet me– ours (more mine than hers)

take a break from cancer and not think about it for awhile– hers

 see my eye brows turn grey.  Sounds like watching grass grow to me but okay. — hers

I can’t think of anything else right now, but I am sure there is lots more to do. 

Sammy and Mom


Well, I have to tell you it has been a trying day.  I am sprawled out and resting after my butt attacked me.  It was CRAZY!  For the last couple nights and a day I have had my nose almost glued to my butt.  Yesterday morning mom got through with work and finally decided to take a peek to see what all the fuss was about.  After poking around back there for a minute mom got kind of pale and went to the phone to call our friend Pam.  Pam told her to put hot wash cloths on my backside and use some hydrocortizone cream to help with the swelling.  ALL NIGHT LONG mom and I fought, I wanted to make it stop and mom wanted to make me stop.

Finally we got in the car with my sister Shy and went to see Pam and my Auntie Deborah.  Pam took me in back and shaved me down and did something REALLY not nice to me, but I have to admit after it was over I felt better.  She also took pictures of me but we didn’t have a party.  Odd..

She brought me back in to my mom, Deborah, and my sister Shy.  Pam showed my mom what I was upset about.  My anal sac had ruptured and it was a gross big mess.  I am infected up into my tail and around a big area!  Apparently this could happen to some tripawds, they may not be able to go potty like they used to so they need some help from their friends like Pam.  Mom has to put hot compresses on it, soaked in epsome salt, and I don’t have to do my metronomics for a couple of weeks while I am on antibiotics, yay 🙂

Then Pam went out to study the pictures while me and my crew hung out in the party room.  My mom was really nervous but Auntie Deb was right there to help keep her calm.  When Pam came back we got great news.  I could tell because mom hugged Auntie Deb and clapped her hands and smiled so big!  My lungs are clear, mets was a no show to this little get together!!!

Dr. Pam gave mom all kinds of stuff to read and stuff to give me and stuff to do for my backside.  They talked for awhile about my sister, which was nice because I got to relax and snooze by the door.  Then mom made an appointment for a couple of weeks to check in with my friends, and we said goodbye to everyone and headed out to go shopping for my butt stuff.  I am simply wiped out from all of the drama and as soon as I say what I have to say to you I am going to snooze the night away.

Sorry I didn’t say a real goodbye my auntie, I was kind of distracted.  Thanks for always being around when my mom is freaking out, it helps to have help with her, kind of like a handler I guess.  I try, but she is pretty excitable!   We are all okay now, I think I will see if mom wants to take a nap with me.  Night night everyone.

Ha haaaa haaa haa ha!  I don’t have to do anything new or different, NEEENER NEEENER NEEEEENER!  Ha ha!

Mom called and cancelled my “bath day” appointment.  I am laughing all the way to the couch :0)  I am thrilled to announce that my big brother Titan, seen here in all his big glory, has a mastiff sized toothache.  Now, ordinarily I would be really mad at mom for sharing her attention with this monster sized brother of mine, but you see, it lets me off the hook. 

I have been so really really good lately, doing all that my mom and Pam and  what anybody else asks of me that I had a feeling the new stuff happening at the next appointment wasn’t going to be any fun either, just more new stuff to do, and I would do it, because I am a good boy.  Now, I AM OFF THE HOOK!

Titan started drooling about a month ago, but mom has been so focused on me that she didn’t really notice what was going on until the last week or two.  Titan then started pushing his tounge out of his mouth like he was tasting something bad, and wrinkling his forhead, so I know he has been in pain.  My mom finally noticed and called and cancelled the whole shave and shower ‘thing’ and set up an appointment for the big guy.  HA! 

She has to take him to the vets office in town this morning, because it got worse last night and Dad is out of town, so she will be doing this solo.  I am smirking a little because Titan doesn’t listen to mom hardly at all, and I know he probably won’t be a good boy like me AT ALL, so I will come out of this one “smelling like a rose”!

My brothers appointment is in an hour, so my mom is wondering if she could dose her self with some “doggie downers” instead of him.  She watches the “dog whisperer” fanatically and Ceasar always says to be calm and assertive.  Mom just naturally isn’t that way with my brother.  She kind of lets him lead, because she believes she can’t lead him.   GOOD LUCK MOMMY!  Tee hee!

I will let you guys know how much trouble he is in when they get back.

Love, from The Best dog ever,


We had our last chemo party!

January 16, 2011

  It was the BEST day!  We had our “usual” get together with my auntie Deborah, and my friend Pam.  Can’t forget about the girls that hang out with Pam, they are so nice and they LOVE me.  My numbers were great and everything went very well.  Pam spent lots of time hanging out with my mom and Deborah and me and they talked of the future.  Pam was particularly wonderful, she laughed with me and rubbed my ears and fur.  At one point I was so enamored with her that I tried to push her over so I could crawl in her lap! 

It was a very upbeat day.  I loved seeing Deborah even if she was in her “office clothes” covered by a second layer which was a long jacket.  She didn’t seem to mind me leaning up against her though and trying to squish her toes by sitting on them.  I was just “claiming” my friend.  I am sad these days are over, I love it when I have both my pals and my mom all talking about me and petting me.

When mom and Pam were talking a strange word came up.  I am not sure how it relates to me but my mom thinks it does.  She asked about getting me a bath, how much it would cost, could it be done without too much trauma, etc.  I have had one of these “baths” before, but only in the summer, behind the house and my mom used a hose.  It was messy, fast, and troubling to both of us.  My mom told me that she doesn’t want me to go through my whole life without a proper “shower, shave, and shine”.   Mom about choked on her coffee when she was told the price of this “bath” for a dog my size and with my type of coat. Her eyes got huge, but she says she got a little suprise money for christmas, so she wants to do something nice for me.  She thinks because I am an indoor only puppy now that I would appreciate a shorter coat and a squeaky clean moment in time.  I don’t think so, but I am not sure yet if this is the same thing as what happens behind the house in the summer, so I will have to let you know.

Something else we are going to do that day is take more pictures.  Mom says we are going to do pills from now on, they are called metronomics.  But she wants to know what will be the best type, based on what the pictures say.  I can feel her nervousness about taking them.  I look up while we are talking with Pam and smile reasuringly at mom.  It will be okay mom, I will lean on you and make you feel okay.  No worries!  So we will start the pills in 3 weeks, after the fun from my party has worn off. 

I had the shakes yesterday afternoon when I got home and I am really weak this morning.  Mom had to help me stand up so I could have a little breakfast, then she helped me outside for my first potty break in about 20 hours.  I needed help getting back onto my bed.  Mom says this won’t last much longer, then I will be back to my joyous, happy, bouncing, bubbly self.   I look at her with my sweet boy face on and thump my tail.  “I know mom”, I say to her with my eyes, “I must have been fighting the good fight again, because I am exhausted.  Tomorrow is another day, I will be ready.” I smile at mom and close my eyes.  “I love you mom”, I tell her with my mind as I drift off.

Four months, a peaceful day

December 30, 2010

  It has been a long holiday season.  As a family we drove to Sequim, Washington to go visit my Grandmother, her mother, my uncle Dean and aunt Adriene, and my cousins, as well as my moms aunt.  We had a great time, I played really well with my cousin Sky!  After a meal and some good pets from all we drove all the way home, it was a LONG time in the car. 

I have helped mom with decorating and being well behaved when we had friends over.  I have been the best boy a mom could have!  After my last chemo party it took a couple of days but I finally am ready to run and play again.  Now, today, it is my day.  Mom says it is a day to celebrate me because 4 months ago today I started this new part of my life, the part where I lost my leg but began my fight against cancer.

We are celebrating today with a movie and some good snuggle time.  Last night it snowed and froze to the ground so doing anything outside would be silly even though I have tons of energy and I am really interested in doing something fun.  I do love it when mom and I snuggle up on the floor in front of the couch and curl up together like little lima beans.  I make funny grunting noises  which sound a little bit like chewbacca from “star wars” and thump my tail almost non-stop.  Mom and I are going to squish together and she will wrap her arms around me and settle in for a good cry watching a doggy love story.  I wonder if we can find “my dog tulip” ? It looks like it would be perfect for this kind of morning.

Later on today mom plans on doing some indoor ball throwing with me, and some seek and find stuff.  I LOVE that!  It sounds like it is going to be a perfect  way to celebrate my special day.  Me and my mom, just being together on a peaceful winter day.