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tripawds meet July 2011

July 14, 2011

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Me and my best friend Lincoln .. Such a great time, lots of people, lots of doggy friends, lots of food, and lots of fun!


This semi_annual event was such a blast!  There were 10 to 15 dogs, lots of my favorite people, so much fun!  I was such a good boy, I didn’t yell at anyone, I minded my manners just like mom said and I had so much fun.  There was my Auntie Deborah playing ball with my cousin Maya, there was my friend Pam rubbing me and checking my foot, there was my best friends mom Rhonda brushing my coat.   It was a very special “once in a lifetime day” and I loved every minute of it. 

I met new friends and new tripawds.   I was so happy to meet and see all the new folks, dogs and humans alike, mom wonders why we don’t do this every weekend?  Mom thinks I am one of the most special dogs in the world, and it does her heart good to see me in my element.  I talked with my buddy Lincoln every time he laid down.  I hung out with his sister Quinlay, such a beautiful white soft and mellow girl.   I met my cousin Maya who yelled at me for a few minutes but then seemed to relax and enjoy the ride.  Life has been so sheltered for me since my amputation, that mom is thrilled to see me come out of my shell once again.  This was a great chance to hang with my fellow dog mates and talk and play.  I wish more than anything to do this alot more often!  I think I will add it to my bucket list…

Thanks everyone for making this so much fun, it was truly a special day.


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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

I want to start out by talking about my sister, she never came home from the vet.  Just another reason to not like vets in my opinion.  I left her there last Monday, and mom picked up her ashes today.  For two days after we left her, I slept, I mourned.  Now I am happy again, life goes on.  I miss her very much, but I understand that she is around, just in a different way.  It is making mom understand that is the hardest.  I wished we didn’t have such a language barrier!   She told me she went to be with Jazz, but I know she is still with me in my heart.

My life has changed without Shy to balance out our pack.  My brother and I have been a little growly with each other, we are vying for mom’s affection all over again.  My has been shutting that down everytime it happens, but it makes me sad because if my sister were here we wouldn’t be doing it at all.  I guess it is normal to shuffle through all this stuff, see who gets to be the new “king” of the hill. 

 Mom cried when she opened the cardboard box and placed the wooden box on the mantle.  I sat back and wagged my tail, my ears back, head down, my eyes big with empathy.  Hello Shy, I say in my mind, welcome home.

As far as my ampuversary goes I have the best news!  When I came from seeing my friend Pam, my mom was over the top happy!  All x-rays show clean and clear lungs and organs, not mets!  Happy 10 months to me.  My mom needs me like never before, and our love is the biggest and brightest it has ever been.  I am so glad to have this time with her!  Happy ice cream day tomorrow, my actual ampuversary, happy looking forward to seeing my friends at the tripawd meet, happy having the here and now with no complications.  Happy me, happy mom, happy life 🙂

Love to you all,

          We miss you precious girl, but your love is always with us. Love, Mom

I think better when I am sleeping like this.

He showed up unexpectedly, he was charming, funny, mom was so lonely.  Mom is devistated by our loss of Shy, so I guess she was vunerable.  My dad has been out of town for weeks now.  She needed some companionship, she couldn’t help it.  Mom transferred all of her longings and  loss from Shy and her fears into this beautiful blue eyed funny boy.  She fell fast and fell hard. 

She called Dad, begged him to understand, please, please let her keep him.  Dad explained how she needed to spend time with me now and that this time is precious.   Mom finally agreed and she sent this funny, personable, cuddly stranger on his way.  Whew!  She has been wrapped up in my devotion all afternoon.  I am not jealous, but I don’t want to share her. It doesn’t really matter that I liked him too. I wanted to make Mom happy and because he was knee high to a grasshopper I would lay down  with my head on the ground and open my mouth, being careful not to swallow him with his little baby grunts and growls, and we would gently play.  The only thing I didn’t like was mom carried him everywhere around the house.  She never does that with me anymore.  My big brother wanted to take out his squeaker.  There was no competition between us, he would have been adopted anyway, not like me.  Mom cries again, off and on all week about Shy, but at least she knows because of this little stinker one day she can love again too.

Mom has a friend at the shelter who will make sure this guy gets whats coming to him, shots, neutering, a home far from us.  So what if she checks up on this dude, he doesn’t have what I do, I have her forever, my mom.   She does ask that we send out the best of good wishes for him that he finds his forever people who will take care of him and love him always.  Her heart breaks again.  I will be here to be her shoulder to cry on.  I love her THAT much!

Here he is, this is what would be home wrecking scoundrel looks like. He wields a lot of charm, he sneaks up and grabs your heart before you know it.   Be cautious, be very very cautious. 


Shy, my lady in waiting

June 19, 2011

After coming from seeing Dr. Pam yesterday she gave me the green light to up Shy’s meds.  I have struggled with Shy this morning, trying and trying to get her to take her medicine.  As I watch her constant pacing and her anxiety as she tears apart the bedding, I have come to the most heartbreaking realization.

I was going to give her another week, up her doses, keep trying.  But my girl seems to be telling me she doesn’t want it this way.  Dementia is a bane, it is awful, it is stealing my precious puppy of 13 and 1/2 years.  I am going to call the vet in the morning, tomorrow is her last day. 

Please everyone picture her going safe to the otherside, where she will find her mom again, my Jazzy, and all of our family that has gone before.  Picture her surrounded in golden light, safe, loved, released from this confusion.  Pray for my special friend.

Thank you for helping,


I am relaxing, on the verge of sleep, thanking my lucky stars..


I got a package from my girl Gayle and her mom a few days ago.  My mom was paticularly attracted to these beautiful socks that she immediately put on.  They were made by my girls mom.  She said they were magical juju socks, boy was she right!  I went to see my friend Pam today, she was so awesome.  She gave me lots of loves and scrubbed my tummy just the way I like it.  I made happy noises and laid back and relaxed.  Pretty soon she asked me to go with her, “of course” I said and off we hopped.

Mom spent that time alone and waiting for me.  She said she was fine but I could feel her apprehension from down the hall.  Why should she be worried?  We have magical juju socks!                         The wonderfully soft socks worked like a charm.  I came back and Pam followed soon after and the first news out of her mouth were “I have good news and more good news!”  No mets were on my lung x-rays ( my lungs were beautiful)  and my urinalysis came back with no worries about taking chemo.  My mom clapped her hands like she does when she is mega happy and bounced around!  We are kicking the crap out of cancer!! Team Sammy rocks 🙂 

I am one lucky guy, my mom and I are closer than ever, and I have a great new girl and friends in Tennessee.  I have a chance to see my buddy Lincoln in a couple of weeks and I am back to racing my brother up and down in the pasture.  I am so happy for this time in my life. 

All wiggles and Smiles,


I am a zebra….

June 11, 2011

I am an invisible zebra dog, you can't see me, but I am watching you!

It is another wonderful Saturday with my family.  Mom just told me that on the 18th, (must be sometime in the future because it doesn’t sound like that is today) we get to go see my friend Pam for a urine check to make sure the chemo isn’t being to hard on me.  I have so much fun, I bounce around, I play keep away, and I even have hopes of having a girl friend!  I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

My big sister Shy seems to be on the mend too.  She goes up and down, up and down, but she seems to be more up the last couple of days.  Here is a picture of her smiling at mom last night.   

Hi mom, I love you! What a great day 🙂


My brother is being obnoxious, he stole her toy.  She tried to take it back and he growled at her!  Mommy took the toy from him and made him get on his bed for a time out.  She gave the toy to my sister and Shy paraded it around, VICTORY!  My brother Titan doesn’t like to share.  When no one is looking he will gather up all the toys and put them on his bed, then dare anyone (but mom) to take them back.  Mom is always fair, so if she sees this, she will take them all and put them away and wait until another time to dole them out.

We did a little puppy rescuing, I thought for a minute we had another brother to deal with, but mom found him a great home.  He was a beagle that she found wandering the streets.  She placed ads and hung up found signs but no one came for him.  She took him to the vet and got his shots (compliments of my grandmother) and found him a great home in the country.  She named him Wilbur because he was so concerned looking.  I am glad he is gone because he wasn’t neutered and he got to sit on the furniture!!! Even I, her favorite, don’t get to do that.  Here is his picture.

Being only 30 lbs mom felt it was okay I guess, whatever…

See you all again,

Love Sammy

Sweet Shy tonight

June 6, 2011

I am finally sleepy mom, why did you make dinner now?Mom, my sister Shy has finally wound down after a hard day.  I am SO glad to have dinner, but I think you missed her window.  Can I have it?  Love Sammy

I guess we will both be getting some sleep tonight!

Hello my friends, just an update on the adventures of Sammy.   We will be here all week 🙂

Happy 9 months!

May 30, 2011

Happy day for me :)   I just want to say a quick hello to my friends out there and my family that I don’t see every day.  Today is my 9th month ampuversary and Mom, Dad, and my family are going to celebrate despite the cloudy weather.  I hope you all give your pups a hug for me and some good food, we are worth it! 

Your friend,

Super Sammy

I am so excited! Do I hear a squeeky thing?! It's my birthday right? Where is my present?

Is my present up there Mommy?

do I get that squeeky thing too Mom?

You guys have made me tired, all that squeeking, good times!

So I had a great birthday.  My grandmom, my Uncle Dean and Auntie Adriene came by and we hung out.  My grandmom was so funny, she makes squeaky noises when I sneak up behind her and suprise her.  I love squeeky noises!  Speaking of that, I got the best presents!

I got a squeaky tennis ball, a lamb bone super sized, ice cream, and after my family left I got to pop ALL the balloons!  It seems that Titan is afraid of them, my sister Shy tried, but I was so much faster that I got to every one of them first, yay me!

My grandmom brought down some food for my mom, and they ate lunch and talked for awhile.  Then I got to come in and say hello.  My grandmom would run away everytime the door opened because my brother was outside and my Uncle D kept going outside to play with him.  My grandmommy has great tastes, obviously she likes me the best.  We have been playing with (ie: destroying) my toys ever since. 

So this is just a quick update on my party, for those of you who want to know.  I also went to the vets office today, got my nails done and my brother and sister got updated on their shots.  My mom didn’t want mine done because she wanted to talk with Pam first.  She doesn’t know what vacines will do to my system.  The mean old vet lady’s assistant said I was like a different dog.  I guess I used to fight alot whenever I went there, but today it wasn’t any big deal to get my feet work done.  My mom says it is probably because after having my amp, chemo, and butt explosions, nails aren’t so scary after all.  Plus I am 9 years old now, this isn’t my first rodeo!

Here is to living and learning 🙂


We love having a mom day…..

We sleep, we sleep, and …… we open an eye to her camera, then we sleep. 🙂

Sammy, Shy, and Titan