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My time has ended.

February 11, 2012

Mom and Dad carried me outside, to be among my favorite trees, on the hill where I can look out over my home.  I am on my blanket, on an overcast day.  There are a couple of people here who I haven’t seen in a while, my vet Dr. Daas, and my friend Sabrina.    Mom […]

There is that word again, the one that I have such a hard time understanding.  Mom says time with me is growing short, but I don’t know what that means.  She says that she loves me more than herself, loves me enough to take away the pain, to end my time.  I keep thinking hard […]

Mom and I haven’t updated our blog in awhile because she has been so busy with life.  No one else would take my dictation, so I have had to wait until she was available.  A couple of months ago I started walking funny, kind of like a crab.  I have seen these before down at the […]

?action=view&current=3040280513492_ORIG.mp4 I just wanted to let all my friends know that I am still having a great time, killing octopus’s, playing with my brother, making lots of my best noises, and loving every minute I get to spend with my family! 14 months, now I have a beautiful girlfriend, I have lots of friends on-line, […]

Love hurts. Why?

September 11, 2011

Why do you keep having Pam poke me mom?  I know there was a lump on my side, you kept rubbing it so of course I know.  I see you are smiling, I must have made you happy with my lumps, but why do you have my friend Pam poke them?  Does that make you […]

      video     This fight with cancer and Sammy’s day to day moments have been the most poignant days of my life.  Because my husband and I don’t have children I have never had to make these types of choices for another, to be responsible in this way for another soul.  I have learned […]

Sweet and funny boy, my love    Sammy   Eyes so bright  hazel and light twinkling and joyous forever happy for us   Black fur long and soft shiny in the sun tail wagging fun on the run   scampering and playful a sight to behold teeth white smiles alight   charms and hugs comfort […]

happy boy 🙂  Check out this video Mom made of me running along in the morning sun.  My brother and I  like to go down to the lower pasture first thing in the morning and sniff and bark at the world waking up.  I just love being me!  2 weeks from my 1 year ampuversary and going strong.  Take that […]

Well, (drum roll)  they took pictures of my back left leg that was bothering me and it turns out I just have an infection from a pressure point, NO CANCER ANYWHERE IN THE LEG!  Yay and hoorah for me!!  I am going to be on antibiotics for a couple of weeks then Mom is going […]

I am loved

July 22, 2011

I have had leg issues lately.   I am laying here tonight in the cool evening, across from the fan and in total enjoyment of the Pacific NW weather.  It is 67 degrees and so perfect for a long haired boy like me.  For the last couple of weeks I have been licking my back left […]