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There is that word again, the one that I have such a hard time understanding.  Mom says time with me is growing short, but I don’t know what that means.  She says that she loves me more than herself, loves me enough to take away the pain, to end my time.  I keep thinking hard about it, I look at her and wag my tail, I show her that I am trying.  I have long pondered what time means.  Didn’t she used to tell me that she was trying so hard to give me more time?  Why does she want to take it back now?  She says “Mets” has finally come to the party, he has come to my shoulder and makes it hurt and now he is in my lungs.  He must be pretty sneaky and small because I have never even seen him.  She says the reason why she wants my time is because he is stealing it and she will take me away from that before he can eat me up.   Is he like those caterpillars I see that eat the leaves sometimes?  I don’t want to be like the leaves!

This is me outside and enjoying my time, thinking about what Mom says.

what is my time?

My grandmother has always been a huge help to Mom when it comes to anything “me” related.  When I first got my leg stolen, grandmother found this cart thing for “in case of emergencies”.  Mom and Dad use it now for me to wheel me outside, so I don’t have to walk as far.  I like it, you can see in the picture that I am very proud to ride on my throne!

I know what "Potty time" is!

Yesterday was a really good day for me, I was super happy and all smiles and funny antic’s when my Mom came home.  Dad and I spent the day outside in the sun, and I rolled over on my back for plenty of belly rubs from everyone but my brother.  I love these moments, all, each and every one.  I would do anything for my Mom, so if she needs time back, I will of course be the best dog in the world and give it to her.  I wonder what happens when she takes all the time?  She says she is making a list of what she wants to say.  She says she is surrounding me with love.   Until she takes my time, I will be right here, loving her and Dad, and even my brother.

Love and hugs to all my friends,




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14 Responses to “Time, does anyone know what that means?”

  1. zeuspod said:

    What a beautiful boy – that smile is just incredible. Sammy, you are a hero to your mom and dad and to every one of us blessed to share your journey!

    • fightingforsammy said:

      Thank you, I too think he is such a beautiful boy 🙂 Thanks for sharing our journey, I am so sorry it is almost over.
      Elizabeth and Smiling Sammy

  2. Fortisdad said:


    We have been friends for a time now and I hope you know how much I care about you and Sammy. It’s been a beautiful journey and I’ve been inspired by the love and compassion that you have shown. You have been there for Sammy every step of the way as he has for you. And although the end is brutally painful for us it is the price we must pay. Cherish the time that remains while resisting the temptation to over focus on the sad and ugly. Quiet your mind, be still, and allow your heart to listen. Most of all remember the love that you and Sammy shared, knowing that nothing in these last days could ever undue something so beautiful. My prayers are with you and your husband. Please tell him I understand. And don’t forget to give that smiling Sammy a big big hug for me.

    Hugs from Texas,


    • fightingforsammy said:

      You are right my friend, so very right. I am trying so hard to stop the tears, to enjoy each breath, I can cry later. I will follow this, the best of all advice. With many thanks, thanks for the shoulder, thanks for your understanding, thanks for your support… the list is endless. My husband just got out of surgery, but I will share this with him later when he is more together.
      Hugs to you and Pattie and your lap dog Willow 🙂
      Elizabeth and Sammy

  3. Lylee Girl said:

    Sammy – what a smile!! You are so loved. Whatever time is left it will be so loved filled.
    Sending tons of hugs and wags
    Joanne & Lylee

  4. anjl said:

    Tell your mom…..thanks for sharing your time with us also! You are a special boy, Sammy!

  5. shelbysmom said:

    Sammy, your mama loves you so…………

  6. Dakota Dawg said:

    Sammy, I’ve never met you but we have so much in common. I also found a very special young dog on a road all alone. You and Dakota are spirit brothers; you both were waiting for the right family to come along and you know what? You both won! Not every dog who is alone on a road or in a ditch gets lucky. Just remember that. You have the best family, one that loves you so very much.

    One day, Dakota will cross the bridge and leave his special family. I don’t want that day to come for a very long time, but I know it will happen. The price we pay for that kind of love is that our hearts will break a bit. But we become better people for knowing, having and sharing that kind of love. Sammy, you made your family better just by being there. We all love you and hope you are happy and feeling pretty doggone good!

    Shari and Dakota and Evelyn

  7. credocanis said:

    Oh Elizabeth, I’m just sick as I read this. I know how much you love your boy, and how true it is that you would do anything at all for him…in fact you’ve proven that, sacrificing anything you could for him. Enjoy the time you have, love him, keep him close and, well, remember that he loves YOU more than anything in the world.

    I’m so sorry and will be thinking of you both. Please let me know if we can do anything at all. The Big Stink and I are always here for you.

    In fact, give him a giant hug and kiss from me and his BFF.

    Lincoln and Rhonda

  8. kviz said:

    Elizabeth…I have not been able to stop thinking about you and Sammy. We are sending you our love. Please let the Great Spirit guide you on your journey and never think you have to give up your Boy for a minute…he will ALWAYS be with you.

    • fightingforsammy said:

      beautifully said, I agree. Thank you for all of your love and support, Sammy is so precious, so wonderful. We need all the strength we can get.

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