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I just wanted to let all my friends know that I am still having a great time, killing octopus’s, playing with my brother, making lots of my best noises, and loving every minute I get to spend with my family!

14 months, now I have a beautiful girlfriend, I have lots of friends on-line, I have my best friend forever Lincoln, my family like JD’s mom, my great friend Pam, and so much more to celebrate.   I look forward to each moment, and I am having the time of my life.  I still haven’t gotten the stupid squirrel in the yard though, nor have I gotten down to the beach so there are plenty of things on my bucket list left to do.  In the spring mom says grandmother will probably spring for a spa day for me…. not sure if that is going to be a good thing or not, but everything in my life is really wonderful, so I guess that must be wonderful too.  I will have to let you know.

In any case, have one on me!  Here is to a great day, I am so excited to see what suprises mom might have in store 🙂

Love Sammy


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7 Responses to “14 months cancer free, Wah HOO!”

  1. AbbysMom said:

    Wow! 14 months cancer free is totally pawesome!!

    Keep smiling, Sammy!!
    Sending hugs from me and kisses from Abby!
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  2. rumblesmom said:

    You have many great things to smile about, Sammy! And keep trying to get that squirrel…never giving up is what tripawd life is all about!

  3. etgayle said:

    oh sammy, we are so happy to celebrate your 14 month ampuversary!! of course, you are on our minds each and every day (sometimes when gayle is napping, it sounds like she’s saying ‘sammy, sammy’) and we even have a little brother with your same name, so it is doubly wonderful to say ‘sammy’ at our house. enjoy your day – we’ll have extra cheese and dream of the most perfect boyfriend in the world!!!

    gayle & charon

  4. maximutt said:

    Congratulations Sammy! 14 months is amazing! I hope you have a great celebration with plenty of treats and surprises!

  5. chilidawg said:

    Congrats, Sammy! That’s pawesome! Loved the video too! Keep trying to get that squirrel. Finchy the monkeybutt is still trying to get the pesky bunny that sits on our patio and taunts him through the glass. You two would make a great pair 🙂

    Jenna & Spirit Chili Dawg

  6. Fortis'dad said:

    Congrats Sammy!!! A wonderful life indeed 🙂
    Hugs to you my friend.

    Brett & Spirit Fortis

  7. jerry said:

    Oh Sammy this is WONDERFUL! Isn’t it so weird how something that seems so bad can bring so many good things to our lives? Or maybe it’s just that they were always there but cancer opens our eyes to them? Hmmm…


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