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This fight with cancer and Sammy’s day to day moments have been the most poignant days of my life.  Because my husband and I don’t have children I have never had to make these types of choices for another, to be responsible in this way for another soul.  I have learned so much.  Sammy and I have a deeper bond, a more beautiful love, a better friendship then I have ever had before.  I have been so blessed.  I am also grateful in the biggest way to have met so many of you, for all of your friendships, and to know that their are many others out in this world who love their furry family the same way. 

To Sammy, thank you for being here with me today to celebrate this one year mark.  It means every good thing in the world!  Elizabeth

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15 Responses to “Here is to 1 year cancer free Sammy, what an amazing road this is that I travel with you!”

  1. Indiana's mom said:

    Elizabeth ~ I know exactly how you feel! One year is certainly a big event to celebrate! The bond we all have and have had with our amazing tripawds is one like no other. It is a closeness that brings us so much more in love than we could have imagined. We are all so blessed to have our Tripawds in our lives and to have each other!

    Embrace every moment with your sweet Sammy and enjoy his love each and every day! May you have many more wonderful moments with him! Keep smiling Sammy – you are so loved!!

    With love & hugs,
    ~~Indiana’s mom ~~ ~~Carol~~

    • fightingforsammy said:

      Thanks Carol,
      Having read so much of your journey with Indiana, I really connected with what you shared too. Love and lots of hugs from us,
      Elizabeth and Sammy

  2. chilidawg said:

    Congrats, Sammy! What an accomplishment 🙂 So happy for you! Enjoy every moment with your special boy!


    • fightingforsammy said:

      Thanks Jenna 🙂

      In this moment of joy for me today, I also think of Chilli and send healing thoughts and prayers his way. You have a special connection with your boy too, I can feel it. Hugs and love to you both.


  3. etgayle said:

    oh sammy, a year – it’s just wonderful!! we are so proud of you, and of your mom, such dedicated fighters and such wonderful friends!!!! we are celebrating for you ALL WEEK in ET – it’s ‘my sammy’s one year ampuversary, hoorah!!!!!

    gayle & charon

    • fightingforsammy said:

      My best girl is celebrating a week of “Sammy”! I am a lucky guy indeed. Thanks so much for the joy and helping me celebrate!!!

      Hugs to my girl and her people Charon :0)


  4. Dakota Dawg said:

    Congratulations on such a special day, Sammy! We are all so delighted for you! This is awesome and spectacular! You are a lucky guy to have such a wonderful family, Sammy. I think they feel pretty luck to have found you, too. This is the best kind of celebration–it’s a win-win all the way around!

    and Dakota and maybe Evelyn

  5. bordergirl4 said:

    Sammy, Zip and I and my daughter send you the very best wishes and wags on this day. It has been encouraging and supportive to have known you this this year. The fact that our 14 1/2year old dog has a big crush on you,Sammy, makes keeping up with you a necessity! May this next year bring more treats, wags, rubs and all that you enjoy.
    XOXO Zip

  6. AbbysMom said:

    Amazing! Congrats on one year!! That definitely calls for a HUGE celebration! It is a crazy journey, isn’t it.. And parts of it are even good… Great even! It is so scary when you first get the diagnosis, but then time afterwards all seems so extra special. Big hugs to Sammy.

    Abby will get extra treats in Sammy’s honor today!

    Here’s to the next year!
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  7. fortisdad said:

    Hooray!!! One year is wonderful.I’m so happy for you Elizabeth. I know how much this day means to you. You’ve done so well in caring for your boy Sammy. And the bond you two share is very very special indeed. I loved the video.

    Happy Ampuversary 🙂

    Brett and Spirit Fortis

    • fightingforsammy said:

      Hey Brett,

      You will never guess what I heard today. It made me think of you and Fortis and smile in the biggest way.
      “let the bodies hit the floor”. Remember that? I pictured you two tossing back the couches and having a plate smashing fest.
      Thanks for this post, it means so much to us to have you help celebrate this day. This day does means everything beautiful and good and right to me.

      • fortisdad said:

        Hey Elizabeth, of course I remember! I got the biggest kick out of that post. I think it was the first video you posted on tripaws. Nothing like some good old head butting house trashing music to highlight a 3 legged dog video 🙂 🙂 🙂 Don’t forget about Sasquatch…good times indeed.
        Thanks for letting me be part of the celebration.
        Rock on Sammy!

  8. credocanis said:

    I’m so happy for you both! What a great day. Treats and naps for everyone.

    Let’s get together soon!

    Rhonda and Lincoln

    • fightingforsammy said:

      I replied to Brett and Fortis but this song makes me think of you too.
      I was listening to 99.9 and heard “let the bodies hit the floor”. It made me think of you too because you said you listen to it while working out.
      Maybe if I worked out and listened to it too I can get ripped like you? It is inspiring!

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