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Well, (drum roll)  they took pictures of my back left leg that was bothering me and it turns out I just have an infection from a pressure point, NO CANCER ANYWHERE IN THE LEG!  Yay and hoorah for me!!  I am going to be on antibiotics for a couple of weeks then Mom is going to have to figure out how to wrap it, to keep me from pushing off on it and setting myself up for my pressure point owies.  Yay!

Bad news… My brother has a traechial problem.  It is called Laryngeal Paralysis and the good news is it is in the beginning stages.  The bad news is his lungs are infected and he has lots of pills to take.  The way Pam described it is something in the body no longer works, (Mommy can’t remember if it is muscles, or tendons, or what)  and it makes his windpipe not be able to open or close properly.  He brings in lots of extra stuff  (pollens and whatnot) trying to get air to his body, which create an infection in his lungs.  No wonder he has had no appetite, he hasn’t wanted to play.  Mom says this is what killed our beloved Jazzy, her windpipe just shut one day, and she never came back from the vet.  BUT, with the medicine that Pam gave us, there is a good chance we can keep this problem from escalating, and when the pollens dissapear, it may go away on its own.  It won’t reverse itself, but Pam is an amazing person with lots of knowledge, so I believe her when she says it can be controlled.  Titan’s x-rays showed he doesn’t have any arthritis even though he is 10 years old, and he has no cancer anywhere either!

So, lets celebrate Yay for no cancer!

Hugs for the good and not so good updates,


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10 Responses to “Good news for me, not so good news for my brother”

  1. etgayle said:

    oh sammy, we’ve been on pins and needles!! so glad you are ok and can take some pills to make you better. sounds like you need a cushion for your real leg like charon made me for my elbow. wish i could be there to nurse you back to health. we are also glad you know what’s up with titan and he can get some medicines to make his windpipe happy again. sounds scary to us. we’ll keep sending our best ET juju to all of you, and i’m sending a little special ‘lovin’ just to you.


  2. fightingforsammy said:

    Thank you my lovely tennessee girl 🙂 Thanks for the prayers and the good thoughts too!

    Your guy,

  3. chilidawg said:

    Yay for no cancer, Sammy! Sorry about Titan, but I’m glad that the medicine will help him, and hopefully he will want to play with you again soon.

  4. tatespeeps said:

    YAAAYYYY for no cancer! But I’m sorry Titan’s windpipe is misbehaving but very optimistic about Pam’s meds doing their magic on him. Pets and hugs all around!

  5. Cooper said:

    absolutely HOORAY for no cancer to Sammy and Titan! sad to hear that your brother is having difficulty though Sammy.But all in all sounds like better news than could have been!


  6. Ginger said:

    Way to go on your great health report, Sammy. So sorry about Titan. We will keep you both in our thoughts and prayers.

    Ginger’s pack

  7. CatiesMom said:

    Paws up for no cancer. That’s simply great news. Sorry about Titan’s troubles and Riley and I send heaping bucketfuls of healing wishes for him.

  8. maximutt said:

    Sounds like a pretty good check-up for you Sammy! Congrats! We’ll be sending pawsitive thoughts Titan’s way to help him get better faster!!

  9. jerry said:

    Yay for no cancer! Boo for stupid larengayl paralysis (oh shoot, how do you spell that?)

    Hey, you guys know what great hands you’re in, things will be just fine. And you know what else? Our superstar Calpurnia lived with that condition for something like 2 years. She had some surgery done to help it, you should talk to her momma, she can tell you.

    Hugs all around. xoxo

  10. Indiana's mom said:

    I am so happy to hear that there is no cancer all around! I am happy for you Sammy & I pray for Titan that he gets what he needs to stay comfortable & so he feels good! I hope you continue to do well too!! Big hugs & prayers are being sent your way!!
    With love from Indiana’s mom

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