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I want to start out by talking about my sister, she never came home from the vet.  Just another reason to not like vets in my opinion.  I left her there last Monday, and mom picked up her ashes today.  For two days after we left her, I slept, I mourned.  Now I am happy again, life goes on.  I miss her very much, but I understand that she is around, just in a different way.  It is making mom understand that is the hardest.  I wished we didn’t have such a language barrier!   She told me she went to be with Jazz, but I know she is still with me in my heart.

My life has changed without Shy to balance out our pack.  My brother and I have been a little growly with each other, we are vying for mom’s affection all over again.  My has been shutting that down everytime it happens, but it makes me sad because if my sister were here we wouldn’t be doing it at all.  I guess it is normal to shuffle through all this stuff, see who gets to be the new “king” of the hill. 

 Mom cried when she opened the cardboard box and placed the wooden box on the mantle.  I sat back and wagged my tail, my ears back, head down, my eyes big with empathy.  Hello Shy, I say in my mind, welcome home.

As far as my ampuversary goes I have the best news!  When I came from seeing my friend Pam, my mom was over the top happy!  All x-rays show clean and clear lungs and organs, not mets!  Happy 10 months to me.  My mom needs me like never before, and our love is the biggest and brightest it has ever been.  I am so glad to have this time with her!  Happy ice cream day tomorrow, my actual ampuversary, happy looking forward to seeing my friends at the tripawd meet, happy having the here and now with no complications.  Happy me, happy mom, happy life 🙂

Love to you all,

          We miss you precious girl, but your love is always with us. Love, Mom

I think better when I am sleeping like this.

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14 Responses to “My 10th month ampuversary, my sister’s ashes”

  1. samson007 said:

    Woo Hoo on the clean x-rays! Give your mom an extra nuzzle!

  2. Jackie said:

    Sorry about your sweet sister, but that’s a BIG WHOO HOO on the clear xrays. Happy 10 month ampuversary! Keep ’em coming!

    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  3. etgayle said:

    sammy, keep helping your mom understand that shy’s really still with you in spirit. we’re so glad you go clean films too. hope you have a great time at the ‘get together’..but don’t go forgetting who your girl is!!

    charon & gayle

    • fightingforsammy said:

      I will have fun and wish you were here to join in. I live and love by my nose so if you see some “iffy” pictures, I swear I was just saying hello! Love, Sammy

  4. tatespeeps said:

    Oh Sammy, you are the best furkid ever! I’m so glad Shy is back home, and especially glad with your great check-up!

  5. Cooper said:

    Happy 10 month ampuversary!!! we are so very happy that your xrays are clear!! Hooray for you! That is the best news ever!! Be strong and take care of your mom, she needs you very much!

    Sooper Cooper

  6. Maximutt said:

    Sammy, congrats on 10 months!! So glad to hear your x-rays came out clear! You have a lot to celebrate!! Love up your Mom!

  7. maggie said:

    I’m sorry about your sister 🙁 You help your Mom heal, OK?
    I’m very happy for your great vet report and your Ampuversary!!!

    Tracy & Maggie

  8. CatiesMom said:

    Aw, Sammy. I know you must miss your sister. It’s so hard. But truly life does go on somehow despite our belief, when we’re doubled over with grief, that the world will never right itself again.

    But it does, and, somehow, we just keep moving forward.

    Simply awesome news on your xrays and your 10th ampuversary. Tremendous woohoo news for sure.

  9. Ginger said:

    Sammy, may Shy live forever in your heart. We are so very happy about your news. NO METS!!! Woo Hoo. A very Hoppy Ampuversary to you, my friend. Keep up with the good reports and keep on making your Mom happy.

  10. cometdog said:

    Angel Cometdog here.

    I don’t make an appearance very often but thought I better take a little time out of my busy ball playing/managing schedule to tell you (so you can tell your mom) that Shy is doing great! She’s with all of us here! (Who knew she was such a great 3rd baseman – picked it up like a pro!!!)

    And yes, we are still around – just like you said! And sometimes you can see or hear us! Just keep reminding your mom, okay?

    Now go celebrate your happy news! …..Oh geeze, I gotta go ………. “No, you can’t chew on the bat like a stick, we need it for our ball game”…..
    See what I mean!? I gotta go !

    Angel Cometdog

  11. anjl said:

    That is so great, I am glad for you and your mom that your appt went sooooo well! Wishing you many more ammpuversary months and years!!!!
    ps… it’s ok to be sad and confused, it happens to the best of us!

  12. chilidawg said:

    Happy 10 month ampuversary! I’m so glad you had clear x-rays 🙂 Give your mom some extra love and kisses.

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