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He showed up unexpectedly, he was charming, funny, mom was so lonely.  Mom is devistated by our loss of Shy, so I guess she was vunerable.  My dad has been out of town for weeks now.  She needed some companionship, she couldn’t help it.  Mom transferred all of her longings and  loss from Shy and her fears into this beautiful blue eyed funny boy.  She fell fast and fell hard. 

She called Dad, begged him to understand, please, please let her keep him.  Dad explained how she needed to spend time with me now and that this time is precious.   Mom finally agreed and she sent this funny, personable, cuddly stranger on his way.  Whew!  She has been wrapped up in my devotion all afternoon.  I am not jealous, but I don’t want to share her. It doesn’t really matter that I liked him too. I wanted to make Mom happy and because he was knee high to a grasshopper I would lay down  with my head on the ground and open my mouth, being careful not to swallow him with his little baby grunts and growls, and we would gently play.  The only thing I didn’t like was mom carried him everywhere around the house.  She never does that with me anymore.  My big brother wanted to take out his squeaker.  There was no competition between us, he would have been adopted anyway, not like me.  Mom cries again, off and on all week about Shy, but at least she knows because of this little stinker one day she can love again too.

Mom has a friend at the shelter who will make sure this guy gets whats coming to him, shots, neutering, a home far from us.  So what if she checks up on this dude, he doesn’t have what I do, I have her forever, my mom.   She does ask that we send out the best of good wishes for him that he finds his forever people who will take care of him and love him always.  Her heart breaks again.  I will be here to be her shoulder to cry on.  I love her THAT much!

Here he is, this is what would be home wrecking scoundrel looks like. He wields a lot of charm, he sneaks up and grabs your heart before you know it.   Be cautious, be very very cautious. 


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2 Responses to “She was seduced by a blue eyed stranger”

  1. fightingforsammy said:

    Well, I am not sure if you read more than the title, but I was joking. Sort of, I do find myself missing this little pup, but I understand he will be easy to place. I am keeping my eye on his progress. I am suprised.. You guys know I am talking about a dog right? … hmmm. 🙂 Maybe you didn’t read more than the title and thought scandal is in the air!

  2. chilidawg said:

    He is cute, so I can see how your mom was seduced, but I think I would have been with your big brother and looking for the squeaker too…

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