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I am a zebra….

June 11, 2011

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I am an invisible zebra dog, you can't see me, but I am watching you!

It is another wonderful Saturday with my family.  Mom just told me that on the 18th, (must be sometime in the future because it doesn’t sound like that is today) we get to go see my friend Pam for a urine check to make sure the chemo isn’t being to hard on me.  I have so much fun, I bounce around, I play keep away, and I even have hopes of having a girl friend!  I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

My big sister Shy seems to be on the mend too.  She goes up and down, up and down, but she seems to be more up the last couple of days.  Here is a picture of her smiling at mom last night.   

Hi mom, I love you! What a great day 🙂


My brother is being obnoxious, he stole her toy.  She tried to take it back and he growled at her!  Mommy took the toy from him and made him get on his bed for a time out.  She gave the toy to my sister and Shy paraded it around, VICTORY!  My brother Titan doesn’t like to share.  When no one is looking he will gather up all the toys and put them on his bed, then dare anyone (but mom) to take them back.  Mom is always fair, so if she sees this, she will take them all and put them away and wait until another time to dole them out.

We did a little puppy rescuing, I thought for a minute we had another brother to deal with, but mom found him a great home.  He was a beagle that she found wandering the streets.  She placed ads and hung up found signs but no one came for him.  She took him to the vet and got his shots (compliments of my grandmother) and found him a great home in the country.  She named him Wilbur because he was so concerned looking.  I am glad he is gone because he wasn’t neutered and he got to sit on the furniture!!! Even I, her favorite, don’t get to do that.  Here is his picture.

Being only 30 lbs mom felt it was okay I guess, whatever…

See you all again,

Love Sammy

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6 Responses to “I am a zebra….”

  1. etgayle said:

    oh sammy – i love your zebra look!!! sounds like you are having a wonderful day, it makes me smile to think so. good to hear sister shy is doing better too, she is pretty and reminds me of my sister jane that went to heaven. wish you lived here in ET, you could get on the couch with me anytime, and it would be great!!!


  2. tatespeeps said:

    Nothin’ like chillin’ out on a Saturday with all the furkids! Stripes are very flattering, they make you look so tall. And we are SO very happy to see Shy’s smile!

  3. chilidawg said:

    i LOVE the zebra look, they suit you 🙂

  4. anjl said:

    I like hearing good news! Best wishes for your upcomming visit with Dr Pam! I this tripawd girl thing doesnt work out …how do you feel about quadpawd girls?

  5. tombi said:

    Glad you’re feeling well Sammy and glad your sis is feeling up. Sending love her way. What’s up with little dogs on the couch anyway. Allthough I let Kess and Suki sit with me when the hubby is away. They even know if he’s gone for the evening they hop right up w/o missing a beat shhhh don’t tell

  6. jerry said:

    Paws up for you and Shy! How good to hear things are looking up for both of. Love that smile, Shy! Keep it up.

    As for your mom rescuing the pup…let me just say that your Mom has a heart of gold and is simply amazing. With all that she has going on right now, to take that task on just says so much about her pawesome nature. Give her some extra lovin’ right now and let her know we think she is a saint.

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