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Happy 9 months!

May 30, 2011

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Happy day for me :)   I just want to say a quick hello to my friends out there and my family that I don’t see every day.  Today is my 9th month ampuversary and Mom, Dad, and my family are going to celebrate despite the cloudy weather.  I hope you all give your pups a hug for me and some good food, we are worth it! 

Your friend,

Super Sammy

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13 Responses to “Happy 9 months!”

  1. Max's Person said:

    Happy AMPUVERSARY Sammy!

  2. Cooper said:

    Super Sammy,
    you can be sure we will give our pups a BUNCH of big hugs today in your honor! And happy 9 month ampuversary to you!! I am always so glad to see good news about you, you were one of the first dogs that I came to know on this site! Keep on fighting Super Sammy!!


  3. maximutt said:

    Congratulations Sammy! I hope you get a nice thick steak as part of your celebrations!!

  4. riosmom said:

    Awesome, Sammy! Congrats on another milestone! Enjoy some ice cream and a T-bone!

    Love, Rio

  5. Chloes mom said:

    Hoppy 9 months to you Sammy! Chloe just had her 10 month ampuversary yesterday! Chloe just snagged a piece of red vine licorice from me, so she must have wanted to celebrate for Sammy too!


  6. fightingforsammy said:

    thank you my friends! I replied for the first time but it went to the computer heebies, so I will try again.
    Special congrats to Chloe who is just ahead of us in the celebrations department 🙂
    Super Coopie, many hugs to you!
    Big Maximutt, your eyes are always so arresting, I wish we could’ve gotten to know you. We will have a steak and keep the fight going!

    Rio, our soul sibling, we look forward to meeting you,
    your friend Sammy

  7. redbud said:

    Happy Ampuversary Sammy….we always love a good reason to celebrate! Our girl Xena will be enjoying some grilled salmon in Sammy’s honor 🙂

    BTW- You have the greatest smile Sammy!!


  8. indiana said:

    Congratulations on such a milestone! 9 months is something to celebrate! My Indy just passed the 16 month milestone and we pray he stays with us to celebrate his 10th birthday in 3 weeks (which will be milestone #17!!) Big hugs to Sammy – may you have many, many more months with him ~~Indy’s mom ~ Carol~~xoxo

  9. CatiesMom said:

    Congratulations, Sammy! Nine months.

    Catie, Riley and I are sooo happy for you!

  10. Dakota Dawg said:

    Oh Sammy, I am so-so-so-so happy for you! You are one of my heroes here, and I love your big smile! You are always so happy, and I am trying hard to be like you (I’m a nervous guy). Congratulations, my friend! Now I’m going to the kitchen to find a celebration treat…

    Love, Dakota

  11. etgayle said:

    sammy, we’re a day late, so we’ll celebrate for you doubly much here in ET!!! way to go big guy!

    charon & gayle

  12. Sooz said:

    Whoo-hoo! Great news! I am so glad Sammy continues to do well!

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