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Sunny Saturday fun

March 6, 2011

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Mom had said we were going to the beach today, to start marking stuff off of our “bucket list”.  It turns out the partial sun and the colder day made mom lazy.   We did end up playing ball, which was great!  I barrelled down our hill, and easily kept my sister from getting any shot at holding the ball.  Here is a picture of me being victorious 🙂

We enjoyed some snooze time, the first picture is me in my favorite snoozing pose.  The last picture is where mom got excited because she found the black and white option on her camera, do I look any different?  Aren’t I black and white anyway?  Mom loves it when my ears bend over like this, she says I look cute enough to squeeze and squish when I lay like this… I will have to figure out how to use that to my advantage for sure!

Next week is our lab-work stuff that needs to be done with Pam.  It will show us if the metronomic  stuff I am on is too hard on me, or if I am in for smooth sailing.  I will be able tell you more next week. 

All my best,


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5 Responses to “Sunny Saturday fun”

  1. anjl said:

    You made me smile Sammy! I hope the next week goes well! Healing Wishes!

  2. CatiesMom said:

    Aw, Sammy. Love the snoozing pose :).

    I think you look cute enough to squeeze and squish all the time.

    Good luck with the tests next week, Sammy.

  3. jdsmom said:

    Sammy my friend,

    The bucket list will still be there after a sunny nap. You look great in color and black and white.
    Let me know if you appointment with (Dr.) Pam is Saturday or Sunday, I will do my best to be there!

    Love to you and your pack,
    Auntie Deborah
    Mom to Spirit JD and the quadpaws Serena& Maya

  4. admin said:

    We vote for more snooze time! 🙂

  5. jerry said:

    You look pretty hoppy there Sammy. A look like says to me that metronomics is being good to you! Please keep us posted oK?

    As for the black and white pic…we didn’t even realize it was black and white at first, because after all, you are actually black and white in real life!

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