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Mom and I were sitting down thinking about all the things we have done in our lives.  We talked about memorable events, like when we went camping for a few days down at the dam where mom tried to teach me to swim, and things like when we trained in agility together.  We decided that we need to make a list not just of things we have done as a family, but things we want to do.

So some of the things we are talking about are more “her” idea, some are more mine.  In no paticular order the list is as follows:

Bath complete with shave and nails —- her idea

use nose in search and rescue  –mine

have a play date with non threatening best friend— both of ours

go to a deserted beach with the family and run and run– mine

spend a day sleeping in together then have breakfast in bed, breakfast delivered– both of ours

chase slow moving non flying birds— mine

eat everything I want and not worry about diet– both of ours

get the stupid squirrel in our yard– mine

sit around on a perfectly sunny afternoon and lay out on the grass together, just her and me, no big brother for the day– ours

see the ocean, smell all the fishy smells and roll in them– mine

finally get to be on the outside of the fence when the neighbors dogs come to harrass us, (and let my big brother be with me)–mine

have a bunch of friends over to talk about me and pet me– ours (more mine than hers)

take a break from cancer and not think about it for awhile– hers

 see my eye brows turn grey.  Sounds like watching grass grow to me but okay. — hers

I can’t think of anything else right now, but I am sure there is lots more to do. 

Sammy and Mom

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5 Responses to “Sammy and Mom’s bucket list together”

  1. wyattraydawg said:

    “have a play date with non threatening best friend— both of ours”

    Guess that means I’m out?

  2. CatiesMom said:

    What a great idea to do a bucket list and what a great list you and your mom came up with, Sammy.

    Loved it. 🙂

  3. fightingforsammy said:


    um… well… if it makes you feel better, mom thought you weren’t scary AT ALL! She thought you were very cool, a handsome young guy.
    Me… I couldn’t get within 10 ft of you without freaking out. You have a big amount of teeth.

    Caties Mom,
    Thanks, if you know of any other stuff that we can do I would love to hear of it,

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  4. credocanis said:

    Maybe you’ll find a way to fit Lincoln and I into your big plans…we sure hope so.

    :-)Your best buddy and his Mom

  5. fightingforsammy said:

    you are the one we are thinking of Lincoln and Rhonda, Lincoln is our “non-threatening” best friend! Hopefully Quinlay too!!

    Elizabeth and Sammy

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