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Well, I have to tell you it has been a trying day.  I am sprawled out and resting after my butt attacked me.  It was CRAZY!  For the last couple nights and a day I have had my nose almost glued to my butt.  Yesterday morning mom got through with work and finally decided to take a peek to see what all the fuss was about.  After poking around back there for a minute mom got kind of pale and went to the phone to call our friend Pam.  Pam told her to put hot wash cloths on my backside and use some hydrocortizone cream to help with the swelling.  ALL NIGHT LONG mom and I fought, I wanted to make it stop and mom wanted to make me stop.

Finally we got in the car with my sister Shy and went to see Pam and my Auntie Deborah.  Pam took me in back and shaved me down and did something REALLY not nice to me, but I have to admit after it was over I felt better.  She also took pictures of me but we didn’t have a party.  Odd..

She brought me back in to my mom, Deborah, and my sister Shy.  Pam showed my mom what I was upset about.  My anal sac had ruptured and it was a gross big mess.  I am infected up into my tail and around a big area!  Apparently this could happen to some tripawds, they may not be able to go potty like they used to so they need some help from their friends like Pam.  Mom has to put hot compresses on it, soaked in epsome salt, and I don’t have to do my metronomics for a couple of weeks while I am on antibiotics, yay 🙂

Then Pam went out to study the pictures while me and my crew hung out in the party room.  My mom was really nervous but Auntie Deb was right there to help keep her calm.  When Pam came back we got great news.  I could tell because mom hugged Auntie Deb and clapped her hands and smiled so big!  My lungs are clear, mets was a no show to this little get together!!!

Dr. Pam gave mom all kinds of stuff to read and stuff to give me and stuff to do for my backside.  They talked for awhile about my sister, which was nice because I got to relax and snooze by the door.  Then mom made an appointment for a couple of weeks to check in with my friends, and we said goodbye to everyone and headed out to go shopping for my butt stuff.  I am simply wiped out from all of the drama and as soon as I say what I have to say to you I am going to snooze the night away.

Sorry I didn’t say a real goodbye my auntie, I was kind of distracted.  Thanks for always being around when my mom is freaking out, it helps to have help with her, kind of like a handler I guess.  I try, but she is pretty excitable!   We are all okay now, I think I will see if mom wants to take a nap with me.  Night night everyone.

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6 Responses to “Saw my friends, got some x-rays, and my butt blew up”

  1. Chloes mom said:

    Your butt blew up Sammy?!?!?!? Oh no! How terrible, that sounds like NO fun at all! Glad you guys figured it out, even if the doc did some ‘not so nice’ things. In the end (hahah), I hope you realize it was all for your well being!

    Hope your anti-monkey butt meds are working for you!

    -Chloe’s mom

  2. coopsdad said:

    Sammy – I am sorry your butt blew up! I hope it is back to normal soon, but that is great news about your lungs! I love it when we get good news on your lungs! Hnag in there and tell your mom to keep up the great job!


  3. CatiesMom said:

    Okay. I know it must have been painful but a ruptured anal sac sounds really, really gross.

    Poor Sammy!!!

    Hooray for the lung news. Hooray for the anti-monkeybutt meds.

    Hooray for naps.

  4. jdsmom said:

    Sammy you are such a trooper!
    Shaving your rear really exposed the extent of the infection (YIKES), and draining that gross stuff will provide you with relief real soon.

    Just kick back and let your mom do all the things Dr. Pam suggested and soon you will be taking the special medicine to keep the cancer away.
    You are such a lucky boy to have such a loving mom!
    Don’t worry about the brief goodbye we will be seeing each other soon. So take lots of naps, you deserve them!

    Your Auntie Deborah
    Mom to Spirit JD and the quadpaws Serena & Maya

  5. credocanis said:

    Elizabeth, you have no idea how much I needed that. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it, but THANK YOU.

    You crack me up.


  6. fightingforsammy said:


    I am glad to be of service. I hope all is okay with Sammy’s BFF, and you!

    I will PM you about a get together not this coming weekend but maybe next weekend.


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