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I was outside this snowy morning playing with my brother Titan and my sister Shy.  I started to wonder as I watched them do their thing, why doesn’t their legs come off?  Why doesn’t their butts blow up?  Is there something special about me? I looked out past the fences to the other dogs in […]

Mom and I were sitting down thinking about all the things we have done in our lives.  We talked about memorable events, like when we went camping for a few days down at the dam where mom tried to teach me to swim, and things like when we trained in agility together.  We decided that we […]

  Well, I have to tell you it has been a trying day.  I am sprawled out and resting after my butt attacked me.  It was CRAZY!  For the last couple nights and a day I have had my nose almost glued to my butt.  Yesterday morning mom got through with work and finally decided […]