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We had our last chemo party!

January 16, 2011

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  It was the BEST day!  We had our “usual” get together with my auntie Deborah, and my friend Pam.  Can’t forget about the girls that hang out with Pam, they are so nice and they LOVE me.  My numbers were great and everything went very well.  Pam spent lots of time hanging out with my mom and Deborah and me and they talked of the future.  Pam was particularly wonderful, she laughed with me and rubbed my ears and fur.  At one point I was so enamored with her that I tried to push her over so I could crawl in her lap! 

It was a very upbeat day.  I loved seeing Deborah even if she was in her “office clothes” covered by a second layer which was a long jacket.  She didn’t seem to mind me leaning up against her though and trying to squish her toes by sitting on them.  I was just “claiming” my friend.  I am sad these days are over, I love it when I have both my pals and my mom all talking about me and petting me.

When mom and Pam were talking a strange word came up.  I am not sure how it relates to me but my mom thinks it does.  She asked about getting me a bath, how much it would cost, could it be done without too much trauma, etc.  I have had one of these “baths” before, but only in the summer, behind the house and my mom used a hose.  It was messy, fast, and troubling to both of us.  My mom told me that she doesn’t want me to go through my whole life without a proper “shower, shave, and shine”.   Mom about choked on her coffee when she was told the price of this “bath” for a dog my size and with my type of coat. Her eyes got huge, but she says she got a little suprise money for christmas, so she wants to do something nice for me.  She thinks because I am an indoor only puppy now that I would appreciate a shorter coat and a squeaky clean moment in time.  I don’t think so, but I am not sure yet if this is the same thing as what happens behind the house in the summer, so I will have to let you know.

Something else we are going to do that day is take more pictures.  Mom says we are going to do pills from now on, they are called metronomics.  But she wants to know what will be the best type, based on what the pictures say.  I can feel her nervousness about taking them.  I look up while we are talking with Pam and smile reasuringly at mom.  It will be okay mom, I will lean on you and make you feel okay.  No worries!  So we will start the pills in 3 weeks, after the fun from my party has worn off. 

I had the shakes yesterday afternoon when I got home and I am really weak this morning.  Mom had to help me stand up so I could have a little breakfast, then she helped me outside for my first potty break in about 20 hours.  I needed help getting back onto my bed.  Mom says this won’t last much longer, then I will be back to my joyous, happy, bouncing, bubbly self.   I look at her with my sweet boy face on and thump my tail.  “I know mom”, I say to her with my eyes, “I must have been fighting the good fight again, because I am exhausted.  Tomorrow is another day, I will be ready.” I smile at mom and close my eyes.  “I love you mom”, I tell her with my mind as I drift off.

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9 Responses to “We had our last chemo party!”

  1. Chloes mom said:

    Yay Sammy! No more “parties” is a good thing… even though I know you will miss your gal pal get together! Maybe they can come visit when you take metronomics the first time!!!

    We hope you continue to do well Sammy boy!

    -Chloe’s mom and Chloe

  2. jdsmom said:

    Well Sammy my friend, I was delighted to be there to help you put the final bookend in place around your chemo treatments. These have been hard times for you, but you are a strong boy and bounce back quickly.

    Now this bath thing…it will be fabulous, just like going to a spa! They rub you all over,give you a manicure and contrary to your summer experiences, the water is warm and full of soft smelling bubbles! Such a treat! BUT and I really mean this-DO NOT succum to your urge to roll in the stinkiest stuff you can find when you get home! You may think you need to regain that doggie essence, but believe me your mom will give you 10 times the snuggles (if that is possible ) if you keep your sweet smell.

    Hope you are back to your perky smiling self real soon!

    Aunt Deborah
    Mom to Spirit JD and the quadpaws Serena & Maya

  3. krun15 said:

    Congrats Sammy- now party means PARTY!!!
    Around here we call the ‘bath’ thing a Spa Day! It really is a good thing- you are the center of attention. And be sure mom gets the Tripawd pedicure discount. After all, on a boy your size 4 less nails is a BIG deal.

    Karen and the Pugapalooza

  4. fightingforsammy said:

    LoL! Thanks guys 🙂 Chloe’s mom, thank you. I have missed seeing your postings. I hope your life is going well and your neighbors have calmed down.
    Deborah, you have been here from the beginning, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your support and friendship is priceless to me.
    Karen, that is an idea! I have never spent that much on my own hair, it was painful considering it. I wonder if a discount for the one less leg to shave, one less paw to clip, one less shoulder to shave is something they will consider. I better hit them up before I go, Sammy is so badly behaved with the hose that they may charge me double!
    Elizabeth and Soon to be sudsy Sammy

  5. Mackenzie's Mom said:

    Oh Smilin’ Sammy – I am so happy that this is your last chemo treatment!! Hooray and your mom is going to feel so relieved that you both won’t have to go through this again :). I was so happy when we ended our last chemo treatment. It was a huge milestone. I’m also glad to hear that you’ll be doing the metronomic. It really was so effective for Mackenzie’s treatment for many months. I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing more about how you’re doing. Tell your mom that she’s a great mom and all of us here appreciate her support so much! We hope we can do the same for both of you as you go through this next part of your journey.
    Lots of golden hugs!

  6. coopsdad said:

    thats great Sammy! We are glad to hear that your chemo parties are done. I bett you can find some reasons to go visit all your friends, my dad took me to see my friends to show em my ruffwear harness and my new boots. Looking forward to hearing you are back to your playful self

  7. CatiesMom said:

    No more chemo! Now THAT’s worth a party.

    Hope you’re feeling better today, dear Sammy! All that fighting, even if it’s a good fight, leaves you pretty exhausted. Get lots of rest.

    I believe a Tripawd pedicure discount is totally in order. 🙂

  8. admin said:

    Hip Hop Hooray for Sammy! Thanks for the update.

  9. fightingforsammy said:

    Hi guys!
    Thanks for the encouragement. Today I am starting to bubble, perculating, effervence is near the surface.
    Almost back to 100%!
    Hope you all have a very good day,

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