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Dad took me to see my friends JD’s mom, everyone in the office and Dr. Pam.  Dad and I sat in the waiting room long enough to say hi to several dogs coming through and to check my weight.  They say it is still good at 99 lbs but I should maybe lose a couple of pounds to keep me at my fighting weight.

JD’s mom was there when we came in and I was thrilled to say hello.  She wore her “not office” clothes so I got to spend lots of good time rubbing up against her and leaning in for lots of loves.   Finally they came and asked us into the party room and took me off to see the picture machine.  I was pretty relaxed about the whole thing, I’ve had lots of pictures lately so it wasn’t too scary at all.  After some more loves from Dad, another squeeze from JD’s mom and a head rub from Doctor they went over the pictures.

Dad, JD’s mom and Doctor were all so excited that it made me happy too.  “Perfect lungs”, Doctor said to dad, my blood count is good so the party is on.  Mets is no where in sight!  Everyone is so glad that Mets didn’t show up, I am glad too.  I was sprawled on the floor when Doctor leaned in for a pet and pinched me again!

What?!! Why?  I thought we were all having a great party!  Whatever.  She rubbed me and said she was sorry, so I forgave her like I always do.  She said it was for my tummy.  Huh? That lady bears watching…  She took my leash after a little while and off we went to go say hello to the girls in back.  A few minutes later and I was right back in the room with Dad and JD’s mom and Doctor.  The party petered out a little while later.  I was pretty sleepy so I am glad that we made it a short visit.  Dad drove really fast home and beat mom by just a little bit.  He called her and was sooo excited that he invited her out to dinner to celebrate.  I HAVE DONE WELL!

I know I made my mom so happy because she bounced through the door like a little ball, all smiles and hugs and patting me.  She is so proud of me!  She told me how much she and dad love me.  Mom and dad went off for dinner and drinks and I layed down to take a nap.  It is hard being the super star that I am.  Plus my tummy wasn’t  feeling so well anymore.   How does everybody know before I do that I will have an upset tummy?  Oh well.  My mom keeps telling me I am cancer free.  I am a super star.  I know that I am.

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13 Responses to “I had my party and Mets didn’t come!”

  1. nstephenson said:

    Oh Sammy! I’ve been waiting for 2 days to hear that news. You have me crying…happy tears! I am so happy for you and your Mom and your Dad!

    Good job all of you!!!

    Nancy and James the poodle

  2. Carmen (Catie's Mom) said:

    Sammy, you are indeed a SUPER STAR!! Perfect lungs. Wow. Can’t get much better than that.

    Way to go!

  3. credocanis said:

    Sammy, you have no idea how happy you’ve made us! I think we’ll open a bottle of “Three-Legged Red” to celebrate your perfect lungs.

    We’ll be seeing you on Sunday, don’t forget about your BFF Lincoln. He might not show it well, but he’s excited to see you!!

    Lincoln’s Mom

  4. Chloes mom said:

    Yay for no mets!!! Sammy you indeed are a superstar so keep it up!!!!

    -Chloe’s mom

  5. Mackenzie's Mom said:

    Fantastic news Sammy!! We are soooo happy for you and your pawrents. I know I get really nervous right before we get the results back from the chest x-rays and when you hear good news like that it can keep you on cloud 9 for awhile. So enjoy and celebrate and we’ll be celebrating right with you!!! Whoo hooo!!!

  6. tai09 said:

    YAY Sammy!!! Keep those Mets away for good. Way to keep fighting and kicking cancer in the butt. Treats all around!

  7. cometdog said:

    This is more than fantastic, it’s…well…Sammitastic!

    I hate it when those mean mets show up! So, no one could be more thrilled than us over here at Cometworld that they stayed away!

    You are something special, Sammy! Keep doing your happy hop!

    Cool Cat Comet

  8. fightingforsammy said:

    Thanks guys, wow, I guess everyone is as excited as mom! Nobody likes mets, huh? I will have to keep a superstar eye out for that guy and scare him away.
    Nancy, yay, I can’t wait to see you and my curly haired little buddies!

    MY BFF Lincoln and Rhonda?! Are you kidding? YAY! I am so excited now!

    Cometdog, you are the coolest 🙂 Thanks!

    My friend Dr. Pam is the smartest lady. She knows so much stuff about everything that I am really lucky she likes me so much to keep inviting me over. I must be a superstar after all to have such good friends. Thanks everyone,

  9. etgayle said:

    sammy, you are a champ – keep up the good work!!!

    gayle & charon

  10. Fortis'dad said:

    I have been waiting and waiting for this report. Wahoo Sammy! I’m so happy for you. Met Free. You know Sammy, you need to stay at fighting weight because your mom might need you to fend off that hairy big foot thing someday 🙂 Seriously, I’m really happy for you guys.

    JD’s mom, your such a good friend for wearing your best come on and slobber on me attire. I know Sammy and his family really appreciate your support. I know that I would.

    Thanks for the great update. Keep up the great work Sammy.


  11. jdsmom said:

    Sammy my special friend,

    I was so happy to be with you at your chemo party and more than thrilled and extremely relieved to see your ‘pictures’ and hear the good news from Dr. Pam. Mr. Mets did not come to the pawty- yippeeee!!!

    Having you and your mom as special friends has been wonderful for me and now that I have met your dad ( a very cool dude I might say) I truly feel like part of the family.

    Coming to know you has been a special pleasure, and you have helped me to move through some of the sadness in losing my sweet JD. I think you would have liked her. I know, she was one of those ‘dreaded black dogs’, but maybe her pretty spots would have distacted you enough to see past her blackness, and make friends.

    See you Sunday,
    Your Auntie Deborah (Spirit JD’s mom)

  12. Kenneth Blackburn said:

    that is great news Sammy! hooray for you and your mom and dad! I am really happy to hear that mets didnt show up!!!

    Coopsdad and Cooper

  13. jerry said:

    Nothing’s better than perfect lungs! Yeay!!!!! Congratulations Sammy!

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