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Mom says we are winning

November 28, 2010

It wasn’t really a party this time, or if it was only a couple of us showed up.  I went with Mom to see Doctor yesterday and it was just me, mom, and her.  I think I want to call her Pam, because that is what mom calls her.  I get confused when people have […]

My brother and sister keep telling me that I was adopted just like them.  I know I am special and that I am mom’s “bouncing ball of  of love and fluff” as she calls me and I am going to tell you how I know. A long time ago I had a very bad thing […]

Oh my gosh, I am so excited!  Mom told me we were going somewhere fun today and we were going to see Doctor, JD’s mom, Nancy and her crew with James, and LINCOLN and family!!  Yay!  From the moment she drug my leash and halter out I couldn’t stop wagging!  I have had bathroom problems since […]

Dad took me to see my friends JD’s mom, everyone in the office and Dr. Pam.  Dad and I sat in the waiting room long enough to say hi to several dogs coming through and to check my weight.  They say it is still good at 99 lbs but I should maybe lose a couple […]