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What a chilly morning!  Mom sent me and Shy out first thing for a potty break and there is frost under the tree’s and dew on the ground in the sunny spots.  I find that I don’t like walking on wet ground anymore, maybe because I am just not as sure about things as I used to be.  I used to bolt out the door and run around no matter what the weather was, but now, it is more about me testing the surfaces.

Mom says I am becoming a little spoiled.  If it rains, if it is windy, or if I don’t feel like it I won’t go outside unless mom comes with me.  I say it is a “Peas and Carrots” thing, but at 4:00 in the morning Mom can get a little cranky about it.  I just smile at her and wag my tail and wait until she sighs and puts her coat on and her slippers then out we go.  I don’t know why she feels it is important to tell me about the “time”, but I am trying hard to understand it anyway, it seems so important to her.

My brother Titan and sister Shy are snoozing inside along with me.  They are spoiled too I guess, even if they are adopted! 

My sister Shy said something about me being adopted too and then stuck her tongue out at me, but I don’t believe her.   She is just jealous, ha!  Shy and I still get along pretty good though.  Titan and I aren’t like we used to be, we can’t be outside together without mom and dad watching us.  Dad says Titan is jealous of me too, so mom goes way out of her way to give him and Shy extra loves.  I don’t like that, all her loves should be for me.  I am her special one.  I am the one who gets soo excited to see her, pounding my tail and growling so loud.  I am the one who watches her wherever she goes because I am the one who loves her the most!  I am her special puppy!

So I guess it is just another day in a mom stay at home day.  We are all curled up on our beds or sprawled aross the floor snoozing away. Titan is snoring so loud that mom laughs a little and turns up the volume on the tv.   Mom is also on the computer and muttering about dishes and laundry that need to get done, and dad is out looking at his toys with the boys.  I love our world, I love my mom, I love my dad, and I even love my brother and sister.  My tummy isn’t bad any more, and I ate all my breakfast!  These days are the best.

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9 Responses to “It is a mom stay at home day, I love these…”

  1. Ginger said:

    Sammy, these days are the best. It just couldn’t get any better. Don’t worry about your mom and dad paying attention to your brother and sister. I know there is more than enough love to go around, and probably even a little extra for their “special” puppy. Enjoy you mommy at home day.

    – Ginger

  2. jdsmom said:

    Sammy my friend,
    I am so happy to read your post. I have not logged on for a couple of days and was hoping to read that you are feeling good. Sounds like life is pretty swell at your place.

    It is funny that you like company when you go ourside to ‘do your business’ cause I noticed that after her surgery JD was the same way. She only needed the ‘sling-thing’ and my assistance for a couple of days post-amp and then she could go out alone but would stand and wait for me to put my garden clogs on and go out with her. You Tri-pups are so funny and quirky, guess it is those special things that make us love you so much.

    I just know you two would have been good buddys, and I am sure she is happy that I have come to know you and your mom.

    Stay warm and happy, we have some frosty nights ahead! Hope to see you soon!

    Spirit JD’s mom

  3. Carmen (Catie's Mom) said:

    Sammy, stay at home days are just the best. We all love them too.

    It’s quite funny that you like company on your potty breaks. Catie does too. In fact, for your before-bedtime break she won’t go outside at all unless me or my husband goes out with her and coax her down the stairs of the deck onto the lawn. It’s a nightly ritual.


    Keep loving your world, Smiley Sammy.

  4. etgayle said:

    oh sammy, sometimes reading your blog, i think we could have been separated at birth. so many things you say make me say, ME TOO!! i don’t like sharing charon with jane and the kitties, but she says there’s alway plenty of lovin’ to go around…she gets the late nite pee breaks too, but she says that’s just a chance to be grateful for the moment…human sisters can be pretty smart..


  5. fightingforsammy said:

    To Ginger,

    I don’t know… I don’t like it having to share. But thanks for telling me. I will keep an eye out to make sure I get extra!

    JD’s mom,
    I miss you! I only see you sometimes. I hope you are bundling up, boy is it getting cold. Maybe I will see you at my next party?

    I am glad to know Sammy hasn’t developed something abnormal. It is normal then!! Thanks 🙂
    Sammys mom Elizabeth

    Hi Gayle,
    It seems us girls always go the distance for our loves doesn’t it. Nothing is too much, we are in it for the long haul. I would walk a thousand miles if it would save my boy. I have a feeling all of us would. Yea, lets hear it for the girls!
    Sammys’ mom, Elizabeth

  6. jerry said:

    And we love you, Sammy. What a pawfect day.

    P.S. Keep on testing those surfaces, it really is good for improving your strength and balance. I know it’s scary, but you can do it!

  7. nstephenson said:

    HI Sammy,

    How did I miss your last post. I was wondering how your last chemo visit went and now I know all about it. Glad that JD’s Mom was there too, even if you couldn’t get your fur all over her.

    Good to hear that your tummy is all better and that you are eating again. James had chemo on Wed. 13th and he is not eating now. Guess that’s the way it goes!!!

    Keep smiling!

    Nancy and James the poodle

  8. spanien mietwagen said:

    I am doing research for my university paper, thanks for your helpful points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

    – Kris

  9. Fortis'dad said:

    Wow are we late or what……sorry! Sammy it sure sounds like your loving life. Isn’t it great. Your folks and adopted siblings sure are special.
    I’m like you Sammy, I want my family with me all the time. I haven’t been outside without my Dad or Mom in almost 10 months. Dad laughingly said that after observing over 600 of my poops in these past months that he feels he is qualified as a scatologist 🙂 I bet your folks feel the same way.

    I’m glad your tummy is feeling better. Enjoy the cool weather.

    Your Texas Friends,

    Fortis and Brett

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