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She is watching me WAY too closely!  Every time I breath, eat, sleep, or just stare out at the clouds in the sky she is watching me.  Why?  Why, I wonder.  She is looking at me now, so I turn around and smile at her.  Maybe this will help her calm down.  She keeps taking […]

What a chilly morning!  Mom sent me and Shy out first thing for a potty break and there is frost under the tree’s and dew on the ground in the sunny spots.  I find that I don’t like walking on wet ground anymore, maybe because I am just not as sure about things as I used […]

I had another party today!

October 8, 2010

It was so cool!  Mom and I got in the car and headed off to another party day.  I was excited because last time we had a party I met Lincoln, I was so hoping he was going to be there today too.  I’ve been thinking about my buddy, I wonder if he smells as good as he […]

I am exhausted.. I was just at this place that had every kind of dog in the world.  There were HUGE ones my mom called Great Danes, there were small curly ones my mom called poodles, and every kind in between.  I didn’t know there were so many kind of dogs out there! My  mom […]