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I am just a dog..

September 25, 2010

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Today is just a day, not a chemo day, or an amputation day, or a day of recovery.  Today is just a day, and I am just a dog.  Today I got to stare sleepy eyed at mom while she did the dishes, threw some laundry in, and did some vacuuming.  I never have liked the vacuum, it is noisy, and in my opinion, possibly dangerous.  We did go to the stupid vet’s office this morning, but after they shaved  me down and stole my leg anything else seems a little anti-climatic.  I easily handled the needle for the bloodwork today.  I am a veteran now!  We weren’t there for more than a little bit, I met nice people in the waiting room, and then before you knew it I was right back outside getting in the car to get the heck out of there.

It is the kind of day that makes me sleepy.  Bright sun mixed with a clear sky to make the best days of all.  Soft warm sunshine falls half way across my bed, so some of my body is in shadow and some is being warmed by the light.  I could totally be at peace here, if it weren’t for mom walking in and out carrying stuff to and from the laundry room.   She finished with the vacuuming, and all that is left is the window cleaning.  I like it best when she is done and sitting at the computer while I think of important things to say.  She is my instrument of communication and I have been mulling this around all afternoon.

I think I want to tell you that this is a special day because nothing special is going on.  It is just about me being Sammy.  Right at this moment I am not Sammy the Survivor, or Sammy the 3 legged dog.  I am definately not the “well how long did the vet give him” boy today, or the “Aw, I am sorry, I had a dog die of this..” dog, today I am just me, just dog, just breathing here at home, stretching and enjoying this shift of light, that look  of peaceful shadow that crosses the lawn out the window.  I am enjoying waking long enough to watch the squirrels fly from limb to limb,  as they move from tree to tree in our yard.

I like looking over and seeing my mom watching me.  I keep getting even sleepier as I look back.  Lets just stay in the here and now.  Right now, my world is perfect.

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7 Responses to “I am just a dog..”

  1. Chloe's mom said:

    And perfect we hope it remains 🙂 I had to vacuum this morning too and Chloe avoided it like the plague! She was whining for a while, but then because she likes to follow me everywhere, was stuck at a crossroads. Follow mom with the scary noise thing or not to follow mom with the loud scary thing. She kept her distance, but still tried to follow me around…

    Dogs can be so silly! Thanks for letting me know on the forum what the CBC thing was! We hope Sammy’s blood work comes back with good news about his cell counts!

    -Chloe’s mom

  2. credocanis said:

    No such thing as just a dog. 🙂 My “just a dog” is what keeps me anchored to this world, so thank goodnees for all you “just a dogs” out there.

    Where would we all be without you, I wonder?

    I mowed the lawn today, and to Lincoln, it is like the outside vacuum cleaner. He grabbed his ball and ran.

    Enjoy your perfect world. How wonderful for you.

    Lincoln’s Mom

  3. etgayle said:

    sammy, you are a little buddha…keep enjoying your moments!!!

    gayle & charon

  4. Carmen (Catie's Mom) said:

    A day of Sammy just being Sammy.

    How much better can life get than that?


  5. Denny Chheng said:

    I wish you’d write more pieces. It’s absolutely worth reading.

  6. Diann Dickey said:

    I love that Sammy is relaxed and enjoying the sunny days of September. Isn’t it ironic that the dirt, dry leaves, mud and dog hair left by these wonderful companions are the CAUSE of the need to use the noisy vacuum machine that our dogs don’t like?

  7. Fortisdad said:

    Hey Sammy, your day sounds a lot like many of mine are. Sometimes it’s nice to just hang out and enjoy just being a dog. I watched your video the other day.You sure are beautiful.


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