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I got my breakfast and was snoozing pretty lightly when mom got my leash out along with my harness.  She told me that we were going for a ride but I was so busy contemplating “time” that I got tired and forgot.  I am a pretty smart cookie mom says, so I am sure I will figure it out soon. 

So it was a overcast morning and I and I was still sleepy from my breakfast but I decided a ride wouldn’t be a bad way to start the day.  Mom bundled me up with my shirt and my harness and was preparing to lift me into the car when I decided to show her that I was pretty impressive and could  manage to hop in the backseat of the car without any help.  She was relieved and so proud of me!

Off we went, zipping in and out of traffic that was building up because everyone was on the way to the county fair.  It would be cool to be going to the fair but we have a “chemo time” to get to.  We left extra early to make sure we didn’t miss this “time”.  I am kind of getting it, maybe…

Anyway we showed up to a nice looking country kind of building with lots of animal smells.  I sat in the car for awhile with mom who was making calls.  We were waiting for someone, so mom kept giving me treats and pets to keep me entertained.  I didn’t need it, but it was nice.  There was so many other dogs to look at and smells to smell out of the window that I was distracted.  Finally mom got me out and I was able to pee to my hearts content, and kept my nose to the ground, and walls, and fences while I figured out who was here and why.

We decided after watching the world go by to go ahead and go on in.  The lady at the desk asked mom to get a “weight” on me, so mom walked me over to the scale.  I did a faceplant before I figured out she wanted me to stop in the middle.  It made mom sad, but she encouraged me to try again.  Finally the numbers were read.  99 lbs.  Thats good right?

We sat for a minute before being escorted into a nice sized room.  The escort lady was pretty cool when she put a blanket down to make it more comfy for me.  This isn’t so bad.   Then the escort lady stuck a stick in my butt!  I hate how some people greet me.  After a second the stick beeped and the lady petted me.  Whatever.   Mom sat on the floor with me while we waited.  She took off my halter and scratched my chin.  I do love her, I tell her that with my growls.  She’s the best, she never greets me that way.

Another woman came through the door and her and mom talked while she looked me over.  I started to get a little suspicious that this might be a vet… I kept my opinion to myself, I am not sure yet .  In the middle of talking with mom yet another lady came in.   The new lady was very nice and sat on the floor with mom and me.  She petted my head and scratched my ears.  I liked her.  Eventually I put my head down in front of her and let her pet away.  It was kind of fun, like a party thrown just for me.  All the ladies took pictures and talked and tried to give me treats.  I got sleepy listening to them, but they seemed to be happy enough to keep petting me anyway.  The new lady was named JD’s mom, and my mom was happy she was here.  She said it was nice that she gave us some of her time.   JD’s mom gave me a whole bag of treats!  I didn’t want them right then because even though I was sleepy, it could’ve still been a place with a vet, so you can’t get too relaxed.  The first lady was very confident with me, and made me feel comfortable, so maybe she wasn’t a vet, I don’t know.

I didn’t feel too nervous when I walked out with the first lady that mom called Dr. Pam, mom was pretty relaxed too.  It didn’t take too long, just a bag and a tube.  Mom didn’t go with me so she can only guess.  10 minutes later I was right back in moms arms.  Then we all sat around again and had a good time looking at and talking about me.  It was great!   Dr. Pam took pictures of JD’s mom and me and my mom.  Then I got a picture with her.  Pretty soon I got tired all over again, so even though it was a party, it was  probably a good idea that I get back home for a nap.    I thanked Dr. Pam who fluffed the fur on my head, and then thanked JD’s mom.  This had been fun after all.  “Chemo time” is one of the good ones.

I must remember this if mom says it’s  “chemo time” again.

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8 Responses to “So now I know what “chemo time” is, it’s a party!”

  1. jdsmom said:

    You were such a good boy today! Petting you was such good medicine for me, you are such a love, so sweet.
    It was an honor to be there for you and your Mom as you hopped into this new phase. I hope the chemicals are treating you well and you got a good nap on the ride home. I have the pictures we took and will send them to your Mom in just a little bit.
    She is so proud of you and loves you very very very much.
    Thanks to both of you for having me a part of this ‘time’

    Spirit JD’s mom

  2. fightingforsammy said:

    It was our pleasure! Without you there I think mom would’ve been tense and nervous for sure. She gets that way sometimes. I am glad to have met you and had a good time. I even ate 2 treats when I got home!
    Hugs from me and Mom, and she says thanks for the pictures and getting to know you.
    Sammy and Elizabeth

  3. etgayle said:

    sammy, what a cool bunch of folks to hang out with!!! glad your chemo time went so well, one down and five (?) to go??? good to hear you are adhering to a schedule of medicinal naps!!! you are a rock star!!

    gayle & charon

  4. Chloe's mom said:

    It was so nice of JD’s mom to help you through your first chemo!!! She told me you got to see JD’s mom’s green tripawd Chloe shirt!!! Feels like we were there too!

    Maybe Chloe can give you some of her energy when you aren’t feeling too good, chemo isn’t fun and Chloe still has the energy of a 4 legged puppy. Maybe we can figure out how to bottle it and send it across the country!

    Let’s hope you continue to do well! Chloe and I are rooting for you! (Chloe is rooting for you in her nap right now, I just know it!)

    -Chloe’s mom

  5. Mackenzie's Mom said:

    How cool is that that you got to spend time with JD’s mom and Dr. Pam? Glad to hear that your visit went so well. 99lbs?? Wow you are a big boy and a handsome one at that. Hope you’re feeling good after your treatment. Keeping our paws crossed for you :).

  6. Carmen (Catie's Mom) said:

    Sammy, what a day you had – car rides and face plants and lots of friends loving you to bits. How absolutely great that Jd’s mom was there too.

    Keep getting that rest and sending lots of pawsitive thoughts that you sail easily through the next post-chemo week.

  7. fortisdad said:

    Wow Sammy, you got to meet JD’s mom and Dr. Pam! Who would have ever thought “Chemo Time” could be so much fun. If I remember correctly you took a face plant into the water bowl a few days ago and now one while getting weighed. Sounds like your onto my tricks…..the human folk just love all over you with sympathy when you stumble or fall don’t they? Keep up the good work but don’t hurt that handsome face big boy!

    Dad said he was reading your mom’s forum post and that he hopes you are feeling better today. Sending lot of positive thoughts your guys way.

    Fortis and Dad

  8. Ginger said:

    That sounds pretty good for a chemo day. And so nice of JD’s mom to come and sit with you. Hopefully, the chemo didn’t make you feel too “Ooky” for too long. At least you got one treatment behind you. It’s all downhill from her, buddy.


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